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We at ChizBiz Company strive to give customer service first, second and last. We offer some unique items and more common but always quality products. If an item we list is sent to you and is sub-par let us know and we will take every action need to remedy the problem. And along with free shipping,  there is always full money back guarantee for all items sold on our site.

All purchases use PayPal giving you another layer of protection when a purchase is made. Please look around and give us all the feedback you can. We strive to make your shopping experience as easy as possible and your satisfaction is our top priority no matter the size of the purchase made.

Beside our Home website, which composed of new items only, we also have one seller account on eBay; ChizBizInc, and our eBay Store ChizBizCo. ChizBizInc is our first online store and has been very successful and contains both New and used Items for purchase; you can check our feedback score, which is 100% Positive as well as Top Rated seller status.

Shipping is Always FREE!!!

Thank for your Business and Please Shoppe with us again;

Geoffrey R. Chisholm



Swap Meet Sales at Victorville, CA!!!

We have recently started selling items that were either too big to ship for a reasonable Price or price to ship was more than the items cost at the Victorville Swap Meet. We have a Little Green Bus that we Use and is very visible in the space so people can easily find us at the swap meet. Most items are $1.00 or less with other New item range up to the $5.00 to $15.00 range, but still a great bargain. There is a schedule of when we will be at the swap meet and space if know on our website ChizBizCo.com. See you There.